Stop Screen when installing XP - Service Pack 3

I received the following Stop screen error code after installing SP 3
to my XP Home Edition OS.

Stop:0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0XF781C756, 0XF79F7430, 0XF79F712C)

I had to reboot in safe mode and uninstall SP3 to get back to normal,
which is Service Pack 2. The PC is an HP Compaq SR1520NX with 1GB
Ram and 160GB HD with plenty of room. The only hardware I had a bit
of trouble with was an Nvidia AGP card which they helped me with
updating the driver several months ago. I don't seem to have any
problems otherwise with it. Also, I installed a Pinacle USB TV
Tuner. I've had some problems getting it to recognize the tuner
occasionally. Sometimes when I unplug it and re-plug it, it works.

How can I tell (from the error code) what is causing the stop screen?
I appreciate any input...thanks!

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  1. I would wait until SP3 is finalized before installing it.
  2. Windows XP SP3 BSoD Endless Reboot Loop with Stop c0000139 on GDI32.dll Error
  3. My advice to anyone trying to use sp3 or what I think, always when installing a update like this, is log in as admin not your user account with admin rights. I've used sp3 since the first release and I have not had any install issues with any of them most of the stops errors is a function that has been called upon and one or more drivers was not able to update or file because it was running upon update so now there would be 2 files of the same kind running.
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Noron, I thought SP3 was finilized. Gomerpile, I might have a driver issue as you suspect. I did have a problem with a AGP card and it's driver I installed a few months ago. I finally got it in and working, but that's the only thing I could think of regarding drivers. Is there any way I can determine if this driver is the problem?
  5. I hope this helps I'd go wiff unsigned driver
    log in as admin and uninstall, the admin account does not have nvidia video drivers installed
    Do this reg tweak to get admin account to welcome screen

    Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
    Name: Administrator
    Type: REG_DWORD
    Value: 1 display on userlist
    second is when your in the welcome screen hit
    crtl-alt-del twice and this pops up a login screen
  6. You can try running verifier.exe to see if you have any problems with drivers.
    It will cause a BSOD and give you the name of the problem driver, if any:
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