Vista dual boot reinstall.

Hello, I have gotten myself into a jam and I could really use some smart person help.

I recently installed vista in a dual boot configuration. I already had xp installed and just dropped in the vista DVD and installed it onto an old HDD that I had. So, XP is on a SATA HDD and vista is on an IDE HDD. After some consideration, I am wishing I put Vista on a SATA HDD as well (runs quieter / faster). So my problem now is, how do i reinstall vista onto a new Hard drive (i already have a SATA drive ready) with out messing up the setup? Is it as simple as unplugging the current vista HDD, booting up in windows XP and reinstalling vista as I did before? (and this time picking my sata drive?) . I guess my main questions are as follows:

1. Will the Boot process be ruined by just reinstalling vista to a new HDD? (will vista think there are now three OSs on the computer?

2. I have no clue on if Vista has already sent my HDD info to msft by now and if I will run into problems with trying to install the software on a new HDD. Will the new HDD trigger some type of authentication problem where msft doesn't let me install on a new HDD? (I have had some nasty experiences with WGA before and it fills me with so much rage . . .)

3. How should I partition the new vista HDD (250 gigs)?
- 60 Gigs OS
- 20 Gigs for a backup section --> I dont know what this is or how it works but i have seen something about it in the forums. Does vista back up the OS to a second partion or is that 3rd prty software? Whats the best way to go at the backup / restore of vista (Sorry, vista noobie)
- 170 Gigs for Games and Apps? -- if I install the games into this folder, will they still work if I do a restore of vista at some point? (as in from the 20 gig ghost image space)

Thanks folks. all your help is greatly appreciated. Seriously, Greatly greatly appreciated.
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  1. I think microsoft only looks at the mobo and socket. I think you can have 2 or 3 installs of the same OS on the same MOBO socket. But I don't really understand the reason for such a set up. For back up files and appliacations why would you need differnt partitions on the same hard drive? My dual boot I have an MBR set up independitly of each other incase one goes bad I can still boot into the other one.
  2. I am not sure on the setup either. So looking for good opinions.

    So if I understand right. I should unplug both the xp and the vista bootup, reinstall new on the new HD and then manage the boot up via the bios? sounds like a good idea.

    I'll give it a try but will continue to check this for a few days to see if there are other opinions. Thank you.
  3. Your motherboard might have a boot loader, usally F8 during power on.
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