Is there any reason this build wont work?

Well I already ordered it but I think everything is guaranteed to work properly. P.S. please no comments on my products of choice :D = intel badaxe motherboard. = Killer NIC (yeah I know I dont really need it but WTH) = Saphire 2900 xt = Intel q6600 = arctic silver = vista ultimate = lite on dvd drive = plextor dvd drive = kilowatt powersupply(im CFing) = Creative 7.1 sound card = geil ultra ram pc 8500 = WD 150 gig 10 k rpm hd = creative 7.1 surround sound speakers. = Vigor gaming cpu cooler(out of stock so didnt order but will eventually)

I already have a full tower case and a beautiful monitor for this monster.
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  1. Not that I notice, but a few of your links are the same and go to the mobo. :wink:
  2. It will all work, just wonder why?
    2 DVDs
    only 150GB HD
    2900XT x2?
    That is some cooler, I would look for more reviews, like noise??
  3. noise aint an issue here!(I will fix the links laters sorry aobut that lol)
  4. Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme
  5. It would function.
    But I don't see the point to high price w/o shooting for either quality or performance.
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