IE7 Screwing with Icons!

So I've been noticing this issue in windows explorer, only inside of CDs so far...where all the icons have the IE webpage icon OVER the icon, for some reason. After doing some research and using tweakUI to rebuild icons, I realized it comes right back! Has this happened to anybody else? I really want to get rid of IE7 now...ugh. Didn't bother me much before, but I can't deal with it now. Any tips on how to go back to IE6 are definitely welcome too. Lol.

Here's a screenshot:

And yeah, it occurs with any CD [that's UT3].
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  1. The Icon cache file maybe corrupted. Try this tip to get it to rebuild the cache.

    Right-click on the desktop, choose Properties,
    click on the Appearance tab in the dialog box that pops up, and click
    on the Advanced button on that tab. Select Icon in the Item list and
    increase the Size setting by 1 pixel (this will normally be from 32 to
    33). Click on OK to dismiss the Advanced Appearance dialog, then click
    on the Apply button. The desktop will fade and then return back to
    normal. Now click on the Advanced button again, change the icon size
    back to what it was, click on OK, and click on OK
  2. Thanks for the tip. I did it. Although I'm pretty sure I've achieved the same effect when I switched my desktop icon setting to "large" ['cause I think it just looks cooler on a big monitor, lol] but yeah, it did fix it [at least for now]. We'll see what happens. Thanks again!
  3. Update: Upon reboot, problem was there again.
  4. Help?
  5. Try this method of getting rid of IE7 How to uninstall Internet Explorer 7

    And then install Firefox
  6. Lol. I've been an avid user of firefox for over two years now, so there's nothing with that. I would uninstall IE7 and go back to IE6 but I forgot how. I'll see how that link helps. Thanks. Still need IE for SOME things... Well, maybe just one. Lol. Updates.
  7. And since SP3 is installed, I can't downgrade to IE6 and for some reason IE7 cant be uninstalled via add/remove programs. Even when I uncheck it from the add/remove windows components section, problem with icons is still present.

    Gah... Microsoft!
  8. I just fired up my XP partition and with SP2 was able to un-install IE7 and get IE6 back.

    Maybe try rolling back SP3 and trying that procedure again? TBH its probably not worth the trouble unless you (or someone else) just has to use IE.
    Just for grins - try installing Opera and see if has the same problem with icons IE does.
    We maybe blaming IE when the real issue is with XP.

    Hmmmmmmm maybe the answer is:
    Try IE8 beta! [:wr2:5]
  9. Yeah, tried opera. Nothin' happened. It doesn't really put that big of a roadblock in my way, I could just hit 'rebuild icons' in tweak UI or refresh the icons in like 3 other ways if I really need to see them but I always need to know WHY things are... So I'm just doing more research. I just CAN'T uninstall IE7; couldn't before sp3 either.

    I think I might actually try the new IE8 beta though. Thanks!
  10. Okay, problem solved. After doing some hardcore searching, found a few threads with the SAME problem. Turns out a minor registry change fixes it. Apparently it's a bug when using the "use large icons' option.

    Here's a link to one of the discussions I found about the same issue we've been discussing here, for reference. In case anyone else experiences the same thing and needs to know to get rid of it:

    Anyone care to report this to M$? Lol. Thanks all for your help. We'll see how this goes... Hopefully it's taken care of.

  11. I have a problem with icons on my desktop after upgrading to IE7 as well, but unlike yours it just deleted a bunch of internet short cuts to my gaming sites and now is blocking some other site including Yahoo mail, as well as completely removing Yahoo messenger 9 from my system
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