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I've had XP 64 installed for a about 10 days now and everything is working fine. I didn't have any issues with drivers or applications :)

The default install and updates seem to use two versions of IE (64 and 32). I've swapped all my icons to choose the 32 bit version since there is no flash support for 64 bit browsers at this time.

My problem is that I get a lot of links inside emails and when I click on those it always uses the 64 bit version. I've tried to change the default browser option through control panel but it only offers the option of IE and won't let me select which IE.

I also have IE 32 set to check to make sure it's the default browser.

I've done some Google searches but I must not be asking the right question because I can's find much on IE 64.

Any ideas?
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  1. I searched the registry and didn't find anything that was pointing to IE 64. I renamed iexplorer.exe to something else and now the default browser is IE 32.

    Of course Windows Update now wants me to update to IE 64 but that's an annoyance. This is at least a temporary fix.
  2. You can usually hide updates from within windows update.
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