Low FPS in Css with x1950 XT

Hey guys, i bought a new rig recently, x1950 XT, e6420, 1 gig ddr2-800 ram, 965 p ds3. I play counter strike source, and I expected at least 150 + FPS but wow, even at lower res of 1024 x 768 and shitty graphics, I only get about 100-150 FPS, 120 average...Wow eh? And this is w/ NO aa, low details etc., FPS config, FPS commands...like wow. On the video stress tes w/ 2x aa, medium high graphics, 1024x768, i got an average of about 249 FPS...this isnt very good....can anyone please help me ? What could it be? Maybe i put it in 1x PCI-e? how do i check? maybe its a pro not XT? How do i check, Maybe its damaged? How do i check? Maybe i disabled some pixel shaders? HELP PLEASE!!
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  1. http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/4364/displaypropertiesfh8.th.jpg

    On the advanced settings page under the Adapter tab you should see "Radeon X1950 Series (0x7244)". The "(0x7244)" part (which is the X1950XT 256MB) is what tells you exactly which graphics card you have as all X1950 cards get reported as Radeon X1950 Series.

    The first thing I would do is a clean install of the drivers, use the same drivers you did and see if performance improves. If not then try a more updated set or a different set entirly; there are 5 ATI drivers that I know of (1 official and 4 third-party). The next thing to check is the clockspeeds. ATI Tray Tools can show you the clockspeeds and a number of other things with it's FlashOSD. Right click the tray icon for it and go under "Tools & Options" for "OnScreen Display". Click over on the FlashOSD tab and change the drop-down box to say "Show all time" and then tick the boxes beside GPU Speed and Memory Speed.


    The next time you start a full-screen game the display will show in the corner you selected; note that you can also tell the clockspeeds as well as the level of AA/AF set by hovering over the tray icon. Clockspeeds will show as GPU core:Memory with the memory shown as DDR only if you choose that option on the Overclocking settings window under Hardware. Otherwise the memory speed will show as non-DDR. 2D clockspeeds will be 500MHz core and 594MHz memory (1188MHz effective). 3D clockspeeds with default speed settings will show 621MHz core and 900MHz memory (1800MHz effective).

    Hope I helped! :)
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