Netgear Firewall blocking site

Please help! I am trying to get onto a specific site and the site is blocked.

It was not blocked when I left, but when I came home, it was blocked.

I live with my parents. I think my stepdad blocked it while i was gone or something.

It says "This website blocked by firegear" when I try to open the page.

The rest of the internet is fine.

I'm not using an apple computer or anything like that.

And I am not techno-literate. I have no idea what to do! :(
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  1. You should probably have a talk with your stepdad; maybe he had a reason to block the site?
  2. No one here will tell you how to bypass a site block thats must have been put in for a reason. Talk to your stepdad about why the site was blocked. maybe it was a mistake, but its unlikely.
  3. okay that was a last resort lol but i guess i have to do it. Thanks!
  4. I am sort of in the same position. I have a home based website- myloaningsite ,com and I just got a new computer and I don;t know how to get passed the samed message Blocked site by Netgear firewall Where do I go to inblock it so I can do my job nan
  5. login to the router, look for a firewall or a permissions option
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