WSAETIMEDOUT (only) when starting application as service

Hi together,

an client/socket application used on three Windows 2003-servers shows a peculiar behaviour when handling connections:

Starting the client and socket application parts from shell/via batch, everything works fine. Setting up the client part to be started as a Windows Service, and starting the socket part from shell/via batch still works. But once the socket is started as a Windows Service, it invariably throws WSAETIMEDOUT-errors.

This behaviour has been observed on three different servers, and with the very same Windows accounts used to start the application either from batch or as a Service (accounts which work fine with other applications started as a service).

So I wonder: What kind of settings or permissions differentiate between shell/batch on the one hand, and Windows Services on the other hand? User account settings? Any idea?

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  1. Is your service attempting to start before the TCP/IP service?

    Did you rewrite your app as a service?

    What language is your service written in?
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