AutoRePopulate services.msi/ Antivirus 360/ dead internet

AutoRePopulate services.msi/ Antivirus 360/ dead internet

1. I'm looking for a utility that can run through what
Vista's services.msi does,
& auto-sets the MS defaults.
Of course said family doesn't have their CDs nor manuals.
2. While I have a restore partition available, upon this Acer Extensa 5620z,
MS has a personal history of me of being pointless save a wiped clean install. Unless someone knows otherwise..

3.Ah, the joys of being tossed a family PC problem!
& Vista at that (oy vey!)
4. Email EVERY family member & remind them that they can have XP installed on mailordered PCs!
5. Not to mention use Office 2003... or

6. #1 item I try for while cleaning a bug, is steps towards getting the net working again,
so more scanners can auto-run & update. Even Microsquish's... (ah, Berke Breathed's Oliver & his Banana Jr..)
7. Still haven't got there... internet nor the Banana...

8a. After killing off Antivirus 360 & it's directories, msconfig,
b. then "quick" runs of (got snagged hard upon the fix at reboot)
c. mbam-setup.exe
d. ComboFix.exe
e. spybot (Duh! If internets' dead, Turn off the autoupdate feature when installing, then manually apply the Dat files)
f. & SUPERAntiSpyware.exe & it's SASDEFINITIONS.EXE
still no where near net.
Closer but....

9.Anywho, I've turned on about 20 something services within services.msi, so that's why I'm posting this long post that many of my ol' english teachers (HS & collegic) would've flayed me alive for {chuckle}They definitively would have killed me for my long-ago CNE/Novell manuals for work! =)

Thanks kindly for help & suggestions!
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  1. is a good site for a list of services and uses.

    As for the rest it may be worth it to get a copy of Vista and then do a repair install.
    This will restore all of the various services and their registry entries.
    By doing it this way the copies of Vista that you are working on are already activated so your new copy of Vista wont have to be.
    Thus you can do this to as many machines as nesessary.
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