Fresh vista install from oem upgrade disk.

Hi all. My parents recently purchased a new hp pc which has started to run somewhat slowly. I have decided to reinstall the os. Unfortuantly the system did not come with the vista install disk. However, i do have a vista upgrade disk that came with my acer laptop. I have installed that copy of vista but i have found a program that tells you the serial number of your vista copy installed.

Therefore would it be possible to install a clean copy of vista from my oem upgrade disk with the serial number from by copy of vista currently installed on my desktop.


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  1. Personally.. I wouldn't.

    Only advice I have, is to contact HP.

    Or look on their website to see if you could download a CD/DVD image for that PC that you could burn to boot.

    The things to be careful on, are the types of Vista thats out there (Basic, Home Premium, ect) since that is an OEM product.
  2. Ill try and contact hp tomorow. I spoke to the a very helpful guy from comet and he said i could buy a restore disk that would return the pc to its origional state. £15.

    Both the oem upgrade disk i have and the current install are vista premium.


  3. Normally, HP has a recovery partition on the HD. Do you have an option like F11 when booting the PC? If yes, the utility will be launched and you should be able to reinstall Windows like it was from factory.
  4. No... you have to use the product key printer on the sticker that should be attatched to the HP.
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