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Okay guys got a tech problem going on. My computer has frozen up on me twice now in the last week. The first time I was on a "Friday night gaming binge" and had been gaming for about 6 hours (dont judge me lol :D ) and my computer froze up and the screen became pixelated and was pink. Not sure if the color is important. Again last night I had been gaming for about 2 hours and the same thing. I built this computer myself about 1 month ago and I am still new to computer building and diagnosing. My initial guess is maybe the GPU is overheating? I have put a fan under my desk pointing to the back of the computer and also put my A/C temp down a few degrees to get better airflow in my game room. So far so good. After my comp froze I did all of this, was forced to hard reset my comp and started it back up. I played for about another 2 hours with no problems. What do you guys think? My system is a intel core i5 2500k, EVGA Geforce 560ti, air cooled, and stock coolers. Not sure if I should RMA my GPU. I bought everything from newegg. Thanks in advance for any answers.
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  1. Hello,
    first off you should really check the temperatures with a tool like hwmonitor or hwinfo64

    Secondly, judging by your symptoms I would guess that it's overheating but noway to tell for sure, so double check your event viewer for any errors with time stamps that correspond to when the computer hung up.
  2. Okay I will be watching my temps. How do I go about checking my event viewer? Also what would I be looking for?
  3. type event viewer into start menu (i'm assuming you're on win7)

    you're looking for critical error logs or any logs that might explain what caused the freeze up
  4. Okay thanks for the help.
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