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I currently own the D-Link DI-624 rev. c. I consistently have issues with it disconnecting then it creates default gateway errors for msn, NAT problems for azereus, and the internet browsing does not work. Also its firewall repeatedly changes...sometimes it will allow azerues through whereas at other times it will block it. Then i consistently receive low signal to my desktop computer that has a Di-Link DWL-G520 rev. b. is this likely because of a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, cordless phone, and a mouse all operating on the same 2.4 GHz bandwidth? If so which channel can helpre duce this? And finally is it worth upgrading to D-LINK Xtreme N Gigabit Router 802.11G/B Draft N Wireless Router Triple Antenna QoS this router in order to support the new macbook i will getting in a month or so? would this enhance the throughput to the degree where i might experience similar performance of a 10/100 LAN connection? and would this improve my signal enough that i would receive good to excellent signal on the g band for my desktop? it travels up a set of stairs then about 10 feet from the top of the stairs into my computer room.
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  1. Yeah my parents have the same router. As for azureus you have to set up a port forward to get it to work right. I have it working with the same exact hardware rev c in all. You could also try a firmware update if that doesn't work. I have no idea if it's having trouble with your isp provider. I had to set up my AT&T DSL with PPOE on the router and it worked great never dropped yet. I had a great amount of trouble with windows file sharing with this router that was magaically fixed when I switched to a DI-634M.

    As for avoiding interference it kind of a hit or miss deal. You can try selecting different channels. You can also select g-only if you don't have any b equipment. There is no real way of telling if your phone interpheres without a spectrum analyzer. So guess and check usually works. If you move from channel 6 you loose your turbo so your speed wont be as great with your DWL-G520 at close range but since your going for distance this might help you out. As for the draft n stuff I don't really know. My DI-634M will do 30-40 mps in real life which makes me believe that the draft n stuff might pull it off. I get 4-5 bars inside the house 0-30 ft and 2-3 bars directly outside. It drops off about 70 ft away from router outside the house keep in mind this is through two walls. Whenever the microwave is turned on though I loose signal at that side of the house on my airport express. It quickly refreshes though once it's done.
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