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Just ordered all the parts to my first build... I orgionally thought i would be able to get windows 7 from a school for free but ended up not being able to. I could get vista (which i dont really like), or ubuntu but i have a few questions. Is ubuntu good and is it able to be installed on a computer with no previous operating system form a thumb drive or a dvd/cd? I checked youtube quickly and all their systems had a version of windows already installed. Or am i better off just to use vista?

The motherboard i bought is the ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 AM3 AMD 890GX HDMI and im not sure if your able to boot from a thumb drive with it.

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  1. The reason that most of the videos you see have a previous Windows installation is because the majority of people tend to dual-boot between *nix and Windows. I'm running exclusively Ubuntu on my desktop. As long as you don't have any Windows-dependent software (which isn't listed as compatible here:, then I see no reason to dual-boot. If you have non-emulatable software that needs Windows, then dual-booting might be a good idea.

    Pretty much any semi-modern mobo will support booting from USB.
  2. Thanks ill try ubuntu out... to install it did you use a disk or flashdrive? if you burnt a disk what program did you use to do so
  3. I used a flash drive personally, just because I didn't have any blank CD's laying around. For a disk, something simple like IMG Burn will work (I'm assuming you run Windows).
  4. ok i have it on a disk... when i turn on my new build for the first time will it recgonize the disk right away like it would when installing vista or windows 7? or do i need to do something differently.
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    If you've burned the disk, and the media isn't corrupted (which you can check with the MD5), then assuming you have your BIOS set to boot from your DVD drive, then it should boot normally. It will boot into live-cd mode, unless you downloaded the alternate install disk. From here, there should be an installation icon on the desktop, and there is a very simple graphical installer.

    Good luck.
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