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Ubuntu 10.10

I have a dell optiplex 960 and when i try to load ubuntu it shows the loading screen then all of the sudden it just turns into a screen of pixels.I cant even get into use the live cd or install!

optiplex 960
8 gigs of ram
gt 240
acer 23 inch monitor hooked up with hdmi!
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  1. boot with vesa mode
  3. Did you trying booting in vesa mode like Skittle suggested?
  4. yes i booted and got a pixelated screen!
  5. Take a look at this:
    there is some info under graphics/displays might be interesting
  6. what type of graphics card do you have?
  7. CsG_kieran_2 said:
    what type of graphics card do you have?

    He said a GT240 in the first post :)
  8. ^ Ah my bad lol. Nvidea cards usually have great driver support hmm...
  9. anybody else i love ubuntu is mint any better or comparable!
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    Don't know if this thread helps at all.
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  12. thanks!!!!!
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