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Www facebook com sign up, please help me signing on face book?

please help me sign up on face book,
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  1. thank you very much
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    If you cannot sign in to Facebook, first of all go to and try signing in from there. Often it helps. Basically, it's a start page for newbies. If you're still unable to sign in, please post exact description of your problem.
  3. If you can't sign up on facebook, it's a good sign you should not be on a computer. You will probably end up with 40 different viruses, spyware, you will be sending $10,000 to Nigeria every week, people will be using your social security number to get welfare benefits for 250 families from Mexico, etc...

    Take a computer class, then go online.
  4. i could not open my facebook account
  5. kmshah said:
    i could not open my facebook account

    Their support page is here
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