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System wont boot off of RAID drive!!! HELP!!!

Last response: in Windows Vista
May 29, 2008 4:23:02 AM

Hello I have Windows Vista 64-bit running in a stripped RAID and I recently discovered that my MBR is not located on the same HD that installed Vista, but is actually located on one of my non RAIDed drives.

Whenever I remove that drive the system wont boot up. Whenever I plug it back in, it works fine.
However, I want to remove this hard drive and I would like to know how to make my RAID drive that actually has VIsta installed on it the MBR drive.

I have tried doing a repair and loading the nvidia RAID drivers, but the system doesnt see my Vista installation, UNLESS I hook up the other hard drive OR I start the a full install (The RAID drive CAN be seen when Vista is asking where you want the OS to be installed)

In short, I want to transfer my MBR from my old hard drive to my RAID drive without having to reformat and stop from scratch.

Anybody have any ideas.

I hope this post makes sense.

May 29, 2008 8:29:08 AM

Alvertte said:
Have you set in the BIOS to boot in the drive where you installed windows ?
If ont set it to boot in the drive where you installed windows then read this

Thats the mistake I apparently made in that I had my non RAIDed drive set as the bootup drive. I didnt notice this mistake until I removed the HD with the MBR and saw that I couldnt boot my system.

Im trying to fix that mistake without having to do a fresh install.

It seems like MS would have made this easy, but none of the current methods seem to work.