Is there an application to fix windows errors?

My computer has messed up and i dont know how. Cant get into windows update and live messenger stopped working. Just get a white screen and its freezes. Cant install any applications either.

Is there an application to fix windows errors and problems?
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  1. No off the shelf repair utility is likely to fix you up


    Try 'system restore'. It's built into windows. It will roll back your system to a date in the past. Chose a date before the problem occured.

    In vista just type 'system restore' into your search field under the windows button/orb thingy.
  2. Lol and my Date was set to 2040. Why did it do this?
  3. Cant get to system restore, i click on the link and nothing happens. I click on it again and it says its already running.
  4. Bidybag said:
    Cant get to system restore, i click on the link and nothing happens. I click on it again and it says its already running.

    Try it in 'safe mode'. Press f8 just before windows starts to load after booting up. Choose safe mode.

    I'd also run a spyware/virus check if you have not already.

    You can also get to system restore by booting off of the Vista DVD.

    System restore is non-destructive. It will not remove any data files it will only remove recent registry/install/system changes etc. that may have damaged windows.

    Did you install any new hardware/software just before this happened?
  5. I tried going into safe mode and i used a restore point to when it was working. I booted up in normal mode but same problem.

    I cant run an antivirus because i was using Windows Onecare but that stopped working too.

    I cannot log in MSN either because it thinks im not connected to the internet and i cant get to most options in Control panel because it just freezes as a white screen. Also the Windows installer for applications has stopped working.
  6. Major meltdown. Just a few quick ideas. Maybe someone else can think of more:

    Did the system run OK in safe mode? Try an anti-virus/spyware check in safe mode if you can. If not I'd try to boot from an anti-virus CD and run a check from there. I'd also run 'chkdsk' from the repair console off the Vista DVD - to check for hard drive corruption. You can also try the memory check from the DVD or better, DL memtest86 and boot from it.

    And post your detailed system specs. Homebuilt or brand pc?
  7. The year being set to 2040 is likely the root of some of your problems... as Windows Update gets extremely upset when the date is way off. I've also seen a lot of errors and other strange behaviour when the date is set that far ahead. It definately would mess with system restore.
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