Group-pairing at User Accounts Tools?

Today I went to Run... and typed in "control userpasswords2"

This is the User Accounts Tool... there are two columns: User Name and Group. My user name was associated with "Administrators; Users" under Group column

----User Name------ --------Group---------

(insert user name) Administrators; Users

I removed the Users association, and was left with only the Administrators association (under Group column)

I was hoping that this would prevent Users permission restrictions from applying on me when dealing with file and folder permissions

It didn't work out as I hoped. Then I tried adding back the Users association - and failed

I couldn't find a way to put it back the way it originally was. Right now, it looks like:

----User Name------ --------Group---------

(insert user name) Administrators

My question is: how can I put back together both Administrators and Users, under Group?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Rt click "my computer", select "manage", on the left open "local folders and groups" then click "users". Double click (insert user name), go to "Member of" tab and click "add". Click "advanced" then "find now". You get a list of local groups. Click "users" and OK out.

    Edit: typos and add quotes
  2. Thanks. I figured it out a while ago and the solution was pretty much the same thing you said.
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