Upgrading from Win2k to WinXP losing partitions

Hi, long time lurker first time poster.

Under Win2k, I had partitioned a 300gb drive into 4 segments:
20gb OS
80gb Program Files
100gb Downloads
100gb Misc

During the installation, it had shown that WinXP didn't recognize the partition that I wanted to over write which is the 20gb OS partition. I had inserted Vista into the computer and it didn't recognize the partitions either.

I had made an attempt to boot back up to win2k only to find that the Win2k partition is no longer able to boot up.

Is there anyway to get the partitions to be recognized during XP installation? Is there anyway restore Win2k?

Thank you in advanced
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  1. I would put the drive in another computer and back up what you can. Were you using dynamic disks under win2k? I have seen when you delete the main partition that the dynamic drives are lost in the process.
    If you can back up all your data I would wipe the drive clean and try the install again making a 20gig partition during install. After install you can partition the rest of the drive and then copy your data back.
  2. Yeah, I was using Win2k dynamics disk to create the partitions. Can any program like Partition Magic restore the partitions?

    I was trying to install WinXP in the 20gb partition to upgrade from Win2k.

    Is there any way to use Ubuntu live disk to move the files from the Win2k partitions onto a external drive?
  3. You can try it. I have yet had to recover a partition so I am not familiar with whats the best program. Might post a link in the hard drive forum on what software to use.
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