Problem sharing files between win 7 and ubuntu

Need a little help here. I've been looking through forums for a couple hours now and didn't come up with anything. Ubuntu noob by the way.

So I'm at the point where I have my windows 7 firewall set up so that I can see my windows 7 pc from ubuntu... and I can see my ubuntu pc through windows 7. I can only access the windows public folder from my ubuntu pc. If I try to access a windows hard drive from my ubuntu pc I get "Unable to mount location, Failed to mount Windows share". I've setup each hard drive on my windows 7 pc to be shared by everyone.

I've seen some posts about "samba", but have no idea how to use it. I feel like it probably isn't all that necessary anyway, since I have made it this far. I'd rather not move things to the public folder to use them. I just want to be able to access and watch movies on my ubuntu pc which is in the bedroom. Thanks for reading
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  1. get "gparted" and mount windows 7, simple. unless am missing something lol
  2. CsG_kieran_2 said:
    get "gparted" and mount windows 7, simple. unless am missing something lol

    I think that you are missing the fact that gparted is partitioning software for hard disks and the OP is asking about network file sharing. The two have no connection.

    OP - Have you tried just sharing just the folder that contains your movies rather than the whole hard disk? And you may need to give "guest" permission to the share.
  3. ah i see, i didn't realise you were on a different computer. my bad
  4. Well the whole hard disk is my media. See I put all my media (and game installations other than steam) onto a separate hard drive. I did this to avoid swapping it "every which way" when I reinstall windows every once in a while. Seems like the norm lol.

    So I guess I'll try just sharing one folder and see If that works and get back to you. If that works hopefully I can ctr+a > right click > share all, but I bet I'll be doing it one by one...

    thanks for your efforts so far btw

    edit: Oh and i'll try the guest share thing too. Will reply tomorrow, heading out to see Clutch play live tonight :)
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