HDD cause system restarts?

Heya guys, only my second time here so my bad if this is the wrong place to post. my specs:gigabyte 965p ds3 rev 3.3, evga 8800gts 320, bfg 650watt PS, 1x2gig of corsair ram 5-5-5-12, WD 250 7200 HDD intel e6300 1.8(clocked 3.0 stable), well when i put my new system together ever thing was great, no problems, then the one day i turn it on, ever thing went to hell as far as restarts all the time freezes and of course, the blue screen of death, i replace the power supply from 500watt to the 650 bfg, replace the battery on the mobo, and everything was fine, then i looked in the case and saw a connector was burn, hmm yea not good, ive refomated so many times to the point that were if i go to down load upadates for xp, the first update after a format i get a restart, i get the blue screen saying, error for third party drivers or parts, got a windows error for ram, so many memory dumps i dont know what to do any more. i dont want to buy a bunch of parts i dont need,im thinking a bad HDD but who knows. thxs for the replys in advance :)
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  1. Quote:
    and saw a connector was burn,

    i know you dont want to ruin the guessing game, but how's about a lil hint on WHICH connector this was and where it was placed.

    hard drive?
    4 pin connector?

  2. My bad srry, to be honest not sure, its a four pin, connected to something on the bottom, could have been connected to the HDD or the fan on the side wall. srry i cant tell u more. Thxs
  3. 1. Set everything back to stock and see how everything runs for a while without overclocking. Your problem could easily be a bad overclock.

    2. Run Memtest to make sure your Ram is good.

    3. If you're worried it may be the hard drive, run HD Tune and scan for errors.
  4. Thx u, i have set everything back to stock, i just tried to run memtest but when i did i got the blue screen saying, make sure theres enough disk space, whens theres 133g on there, yesterday i ran an HD tool to scan for errors, it froze, i hit the restart buttom and i couldnt get back into windows, but if i power off, pull the power plug out, wait a min or 2, plug it back in, i can get into windows but only mins later to get a blue screen.
  5. Did you run Memtest86 from the bootable disk? It shouldn't matter about hard disk space.
    Download this .iso image and burn it to a disk.
    Then boot from the disk and run Memtest86.
  6. Ok will do, thx u guys for the advice, will get back with the results :)
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