Vista keeps restarting

I recently installed vista 64bit home premium
Instalation was fast, my pc boots up faster than when I had xp home, even shuts down faster.
If I leave my pc idle, it can stay on endlessly, as its suppose to, specifically when I play video or music does the system restart after a few minutes of media use.
Why does it restart all the freeking time??? There is absolutely no overheating, nothing surpases 40 celcius except MAYBE the southbridge by 1 or 2 degrees -.-
The psu is working 100%, all drivers are updated and so on, re-instalation doesn't help, so what gives??
Oh and download speed has craped down from 800kps to less than 20 kps :heink:

pc specs are as follows

am2 6400+ with thermaltake mini typhoon + 90mm led smart case fan
sapphire hd3650 512gddr3 with zalman VF900-cu
4x 1gig ddr2 ocz ati ram
gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 with zalman heatsink for northbridge
creative X-fi Xtreme gamer
wd 160 gig sata2 drive
asus sata dvd rw
samsung sata dvd rw
OCZ 450w modstream psu

Nothing is overclocked, hell overclocking my 3650 makes it restart even more so, doesnt make sence, since in xp home i had the card overclocked while playing the witcher up to 12 hours straight, which takes full use of 1 cpu and on average 1.2 gigs of ram while keeping video card load damn high, not to mention anti spyware and anti virus programs running every few hours in the background flawlessly. As stated before, nothing overheats, not that i can put my fingers on the heatsinks inside the psu, but the air comming out is nowhere near hot. So yeah...what gives :S, could an improperly installed driver actually cause this havok? The problem seems to have goten better since i reinstalled the catalyst suite for my video card, since somehow the microsoft visual c++ redistributable failed upon 1st instalation attempt, since before that having msn, 2+ explorer pages open + browsing pics made me eventually restart :pfff:

PS: screw vista -.-
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  1. LOL, never mind about my pc only restarting with media use, it just restarted with 1 internet explorer open.....
    That was running, so was the sidebar with my city's weather report, ati catalyst, kapersky anti-virus, and a little speaker icon for volume, that is all

    Update: I believe ive narrowed this issue down to the motherboard, ram or psu, some insight from others might help.

    I took out 2 of the 4 sticks of ram and no longer seem to have this issue, I even ran OCCT for about 20 minutes, no pc restarts with ym 2 gigs of ram, cpu temp didnt even pass 47 by the way, just to further prove theres no overheating involved (with all fans on max speed though :P) weather it be because of motherboard screwing up, the ram itself, or psu somehow no longer powerful enough to support everything (which wouldnt really make sence) unless 64 bit somehow requires more power/voltage on a continious level, but i dont know what it is yet

    Im about to try something else with my psu, il update further again soon.
  2. Phantom restarts point to a Power problem... Do you have a different PSU you can try??
  3. I wish, i have another but its a 380 watt with no 4 pin cpu cable and a 20 pin mb cable i just took the cpu power cable off the main one and connected it with a 4 pin molex+adaptor and it still doesnt restart.

    i dont get why in vista my psu dont work but in xp under full load it does with the exact same hardware+overclocking+extra hd's

    Edit: never mind it restarts with the molex adaptor
  4. OK... Let's see what else we can do then:

    Reliability Monitor

    Also - I don't remember the path off the top of my head, and I'm at work on an XP box so I can't go look until I get home - There are options for restart - Type that into the search box on your start menu and find it. There is a box in there that says "Automatically Restart" or something like that. UN~check that box. This way the next time the issue occurs, the blue screen will stay active and you can (at least) get the error code. That code will hopefully give something concrete to troubleshoot from.

    That was running, so was the sidebar with my city's weather report, ati catalyst, kapersky anti-virus, and a little speaker icon for volume, that is all

    Do me a favor?? There's been some complaints that Kapersky has caused some issues in Vista. Doesn't sound like the same problems others have had, but would you disable Kapersky, run it like that for a while and see does that change anything??
  5. Will do, ive been enjoying my flawless experience with 2 gigs lol, il post from now with update within 30 minutes
  6. Still restarts, additionally, it restarted specifically after overclocking my video card, pc even still restarts with only 2 gigs of ram while video card is overclocked. Im going to try your idea to get an error code if possible
  7. What *exactly* are your overclock settings?????????
  8. My sapphire hd3650 is stocked at:

    GPU Clock: 725 mhz
    Memory Clock: 800mhz

    mere overclocked settings:

    GPU Clock : 750 mhz
    Memory Clock : 825 mhz

    No overheating I assure you, ive never passed 39 degrees with those overclock settings
  9. Jumping in here but did you say you are fully stable when you take out two sticks of RAM? We have seen a lot of instability with motherboards attempting to run with all 4 slots filled. The usual solution is to run the RAM at a slightly slower bus speed and or timings.

    Or perhaps you have a bad stick which is easy enough to test - just switch out the 2 sticks.
  10. Yes and no, if i overclock my video card a bit it still restarts.

    Ive tried every possible combination of using 2 sticks, they all work fine, maybe their fast timings, 4-4-4-15 make the difference. Im assuming its because my processor takes more power since its effectivly in 64bit mode now, hence before everything was fine on 32bit mode, and my psu was probably already borderlining,, once again...somehow -.-

    Whatever, im just gona buy a thermaltake 850watt toughpower, if that doesnt fix the problem, we can then move on lol
  11. Try setting the timings to 5 5 5 15. The performance difference is almost negligible on Intel and it might get you stable.
  12. How would I do that exactly, i entered the ram settings in bios and didnt touch a thing :| i see numbers ranging from 3T to 6T, and theres a good 10 of them.

    I did however reduce the speed from 800mhz to 667, currently testing, i still hate how this happens on vista and not xp -.-

    Edit: But how would this explain 2 sticks being "unstable" with an overclocked gpu?
  13. Are you saying this same equipment ran stable on XP?

    To set the RAM timings up to 5 5 5 15 you will have to go into chipset options and turn on user selected settings. Its usually on a different page than bus speed. "Chipset" usually. The exact steps vary a bit from bios to bios but it should be easy enough to find. Going to 677 may be the ticket. If not try the timings too. This kind of tweaking HAS made 4 stick setups stable before. Filling all four slots is a well known issue with many MOBOs and it has nothing to do with the OS.

    Can't help you with the video card question. I take it you have run that card with an overclock before and it worked ok?
    Could be a red herring or maybe it is symptomatic of what ails the system. But try the RAM settings and see.
  14. Eu-freeking-reka!!!!

    Ram at 667mhz seems to solve the issue, for now anyways, i dont feel like overclocking the video card to find out just yet, but its been over 4 hours and everythings still good :|

    Now who do I contact about this, Microsoft or Gigabyte, either way im sure they will blame each other on the issue, unless they try and tell me ocz is suppose to make drivers for ram lol, I guess im fine with this though, as in gaming ram was surely never my bottleneck, my 3650 is :|, il just get a new mobo

    Thank you "Scotteq" for your dedicated in depth assistance, as it aided me in discovering a screwed up driver for my monitor :P and helped me discover other settings

    And thank you "notherdude" for letting me finally get to use 4 gigs of ram, regardless is negligible speed loss, as vistas performance test for my ram stayed at 5.9
  15. This '4 slot ' problem has been around a while and it has something to do with the MOBO not having quite enough of whatever it takes (technical term, LOL) to make all four of em work in harmony. It's all in the timing I guess and I suppose most systems usually had only two slots filled, typically. Vista 64 and cheap RAM has everybody slamming in a bunch of RAM now so it's showing up more. So this wasn't a huge problem in the days of XP and 512 to 1 gig systems..
  16. NOOOOOOO!!! I jynxed myself or what omfg right after I posted that it restarted.

    I have always had 4 sticks of ram, since 2005, i dont know what kind of insult I wish to use against microsoft, but im sure it isnt aloud on these forums and it would just enrage me more so expressing my anger for this bs problem. to bad ocz doesnt make 2 gig sticks of ati crossfire certified ram -.-

    Edit: Great service there on microsoft's or mobo manufacturer's ends, its been around for years, and its still around, will it ever be gone? I vote no

    2nd edit: im gona go bash gigabyte and microsoft now and see what i get out of it
  17. Damn.

    Try the timings too.
  18. rofl, i have to take my motherboard out of the case to find a freeking serial number for me to get technical support from gigabyte, im just going to find a motherboard that works with 4x 1 gig ocz ddr2 ram on vista 64 bit os and throw this board into oncomming traffic, hows that?

    On a serious note, il figure out your idea before i seriously conside mine
  19. Changing the timings only delay the inevitable, as does slowing the mhs of the ram, but at least i can run over an hour with 4 gigs before my pc restarts. Oh and I disabled automatic restarting, and I do not get any BSOD.

    Regardless, I fixed the problem...I reinstalled XP. I wish I could return vista as a defective product, cause it kind of is...
  20. Associate - At this point, it's difficult to say, since we have no error messages to work from. So there's a few things I'd like you to do:

    How to check system health:

    Using the Reliability Monitor:

    How to check/repair System Files:

    If needed, how to repair a Vista installation:
  21. Update:

    I reinstalled vista after discovering I should play with ram voltages, my ram needs 2.1 volts, my mobo sets stock at 1.8 volts.
    I changed the voltage to 2.0 and my pc didnt restart til 4+ hours with all 4 sticks installed. This is great improvement from 5-30 minutes. So I put it up at 2.115, ive played video applications and for the first time ever did not restart, still testing however, the ultimate test will be a ram heavy game I suppose, i will install supreme commander and put my system to the test later.

    I also noticed my southbridge heated up alot by touch, i restarted right away and went into biso to check system temp and it was close to 50 so I modified a zalman northbridge heatsink to it, then put a noctua northbridge cooler on the nb.
    that should keep any levels of heat at bay :D
    I guess my system only restarted in vista and not xp, because vista uses the ram so much more and it actually reads all 4 gigs due to my 64bit system, and on xp, with ram usage monitors I never surpassed 50% total ram use.

    For the first time, system health check came up 100% clean, all tests came out ok.
  22. Fingers crossed.
  23. The voltage was the problem the entire time for the most part -.-
    Here I was blaming vista, technically its superfetch is to blame since it uses the ram much more so than xp which would explain why in xp i never had this problem.

    Playing Supreme commander was not taxing on my system at all either. On XP it was always chopy when my army or controled area became a certain size, on vista, with exact same hardware and settings, runs way better :S
    Im not complaining, im glad this site exists thats all il say :)

    Edit: PC restarted while watching video review on gamespot, I guess this is now a video specific issue with my ati driver, one which there is no fix for yet -.-
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