HELP: How to create an application installer disc with menus

Hi everyone!

I need help on how to create an installer disc. It's just like a motherboard driver utilities where you can choose which program to install. It's like a menu actually. It's because I have some exe files that I want to compile and put them in a disc.

Hope you could help me.

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    The above 2 are the MS way
    You could also use visual basic or batch files or C++ or...
    I just depends on what you are comfortable with.
  2. Is there a software that can create this. Like you just browse the exe files or the msi files then compile it to the disc. So you have the menus to choose from which you would like to install. The same scenario like you buy a motherboard it comes with an driver disc. So you choose from the menus which you want to install.
  3. None that I know of.
    It would be easy to get the files on a disk but due to hardware differences a program would still need to be written to tell it what files to use and when to use them.
  4. it's actually like this. I have an installer from skype and another from avg and another called chromesetup, i want to create a disc with these 3 files compiled with the menu. so if i will insert the disc i have choice which program i want to install on my pc.
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