Trying to set up dual boot 7 and ubuntu

as said in subject, i'mi trying to set my windows 7 pc up for dual boot with ubuntu
and i'm having trouble. I burned the ubuntu software as an iso, rebooted computer, and nothing... just starts up windows regularly, the only way to boot the cd is to go into bios and set cd drive as 1st priority but when doing that ubuntu doesn't read my hard drive, so it won't let me set up partitions. i ran ubuntu as live cd and went into the shell to run the fdisk -l and nothing... so it's not detecting my IDE Hard drive at all......
any suggestions?

Asus rampage III extreme
Samsung spinpoint f3 1tb
i-7 960 bloomfield
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  1. This is normal, you have it set to boot from the HDD before booting from CDROM! You dont need to go into bios to boot from CD, just press "f12" or what ever it is in your board to get to the boot menu instead of bios.

    Also fdisk needs to be run with elevated privileges. So run that with "sudo fdisk -l"

    Also also Read these (thoroughly) , and post back if you still have trouble:
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