cannot see hidden folders or files

hello i want to see my hidden files in my computer but i cant make it happen i tried go to folder options/view/show hidden folders i apply and the ok but it doesnt work i go abck there and the do not show is thicked i dont know why if anyone can help me thanks

im runing xps2 , is just reformated computer
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  1. I can garantee you have a virus/trojan, i have seen this virus before and it resulted in a complete system re-install.

    the virus that caused this for me was called:

    in MRENDISS.sys and W22n51.sys
    also a dll called AMVOO.dll

    i forgot to add this happened on a few work computers, we found that the virus/trojan was spread using the autorun feature from USB sticks. also this virus sends out emails(lots of emails) we even had one guy who had his internet removed by his provider(sky) under the condition that he was unknowingly sending out spam.
  2. Yeah this a malware which comes from pendrives , remove it from running an antivirus. I think i removed form running kaspersky 7. anyway you can try their free online virus scanner to detect weather it detects the virus.
    My one caused from filenamed fun.exe. here's the link
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