(Temps) Tcase higher then Tjuction?

Hi, I am about to begin overclocking but before I am going over the stock settings and getting familiar with the softwares. I am wondering why speedfan reports Tcase as ~27c and Tjuction ~17c when the sticky Core2Duo temperature guide clearly states that...

Tjuction is always 15c warmer then Tcase.


--60--/--75--75-- Hot
--55--/--70--70-- Warm
--50--/--65--65-- N
--45--/--60--60-- O
--40--/--55--55-- R
--35--/--50--50-- M
--30--/--45--45-- A
--25--/--40--40-- L
--20--/--35--35-- Cool

What gives?

heres a pic of whats I am seeing.

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  1. I got the same thing on an e4300 and two e6600s. Bottomline is getting temperature readings off the CPU itself, through the motherboard, is hit and miss and can't be fully trusted. Monitor the Core Tj temps and take them with a grain of salt, in other words, use them as a rough guide to how well your cooling is working.
  2. I have the same problem as well. My CPU temp is always higher than my core temps. I just go by the CPU temp and use that as a my guide.
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