Is there a RAM usage monitor program - like in VISTA for XP?

In VISTA you have that little gidget on the side bar that shows you how much RAM your using in percentage. IS there anything like that for XP that i could install? I realize not a widget program but some kind of program that i could always monitor. I do video editing and crash a lot in XP and i wonder if its casue i run out of RAM. Thanks,

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  1. You can try Analog X MaxMem. It's free.

    For freeing up ram and see free amount of ram ...

    Can Go Add more pagefile to use your HDD as ram ...
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  4. Use Performance Monitor (it's part of the OS) to keep a running record of RAM usage. You can then display it as a graph and analyse what's happening. You can also record any other data that might be relevant - CPU usage, disk reads/writes, that sort of thing.

    Having said that, running out of RAM shouldn't cause a crash just slow things down as it starts paging memory out to the swap file.
  5. I installed the MemInfo app and all it did was to activate the system Task manager and show the XP OS 'performance tab' from the system task manager? I did like the Find Favs app and plan to make good use of it. Thanks. Vista RAM usage monitor? The built in Vista Performance monitor has one.

    This thread is form early 2008, but I don't mind when I get a software App I can use. 8)
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