Partition and drive letter problem

I got a really annoying problem that i dont know how to solve and i am a little worried about my disks health.
The drive is a SATA2 with two partitions, one small 50gb which was systempartition with XP and drive letter C: and then a 200gb storage partition which had the driveletter D:

It all began when i was about to format my system partition (former) C: and re-install XP, i did it wrong the first time, it didn't format the drive just reinstalled XP so next time i deleted the whole C: partition and was about to
create a new when it suddenly got the drive letter D: and my storage partition got drive letter C:

And somehow it seems that the storage part. also made itself a systemdrive and maybe even boot (not sure), it has these files on it ntldr, NDETECT.COM and bootfront.bin.
And beeing a systemdrive i couldn't change its driveletter the easy way in XP..

So now im stuck with a XP on D: (and i dont even know if its a systempartition anymore) and a storage systemdrive with C: as drive letter...
This has created big problems with my Dual-boot with Ubuntu, and i want the small XP partition to have back C: and be a systempartition and the storage partition to go back beeing just a storage partition!

I am in need of help... i havent dared to try any commands in the recovery consoll, not dared using partition magic or such to try and change letters... im just afraid that it will screw up the storage drive somehow...

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  1. the only time i had problems like that was a memory card reader hooked to a USB port, when I tried to partition the hard drive I had 4 drives automatically, then came the hard drive partition G: for the OS, you may get to start over to fix your problem, I am assuming that you went into the control panel and tried the Administrative Tools already
  2. Thanks for your reply!
    I got it working after a couple of days.
    To sum it up i booted with Hiren's BootCD, accesed Acronis Disk Director and deleted the small XP partition D: and then created a new one and when i did i got a option to make it Primary, i did.

    Then booted into Win install prog. the partition was still D: but i installed XP and went into disk manager where i found that i could make the XP partition "active" so i went ahead and did that-
    and booted into win install again and now the XP part. was C: so i just reinstalled and it went fine!

    A note to myself is to never delete partitions in windows install again.. atleast not if they are C: and system-drives.
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