Partitioning problems after Ubuntu Install

I had been running Windows on my laptop, and decided to install Ubuntu. From Windows, I created an 80 gb partition on which I would install Linux. Now during the installation, I had some problems simply installing onto this partition, but after playing around with it, I was able to get Ubuntu written to the disk. Afterwards, I tried booting back into Windows, and I get its boot screen for a bit, but then the boot up dies on me and I can't get into it. My laptop had a recovery partition, but I can't seem to access it. I'm fairly certain the disk wasn't formatted, because within the file system in linux I see windows folders and whatnot, but they don't seem to be partitions anymore. I don't know what I can do to just get windows back.

I had a recovery disk, but when I try to use that I end up getting an error code 0xe0ef0009 (relevant to Windows) and I can't recover via that.
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  1. You say you had problems installing, what were they?
    Also what installer did you use?, if it was the Windows installer (Wubi) you'll find a number of threads here telling people not to use it!
  2. I solved it. I had to load the hdd on another computer and use Acronis to format the drive, since windows couldn't even recognize it. Then I used a windows installation disk to reinstall it and entered in my key. I couldn't do a recovery, but at least I got my OS back.
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