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I'm fairly new to computers. I just recently downgraded from Vista to XP. My grandfather, who works at a technical college, installed a Network Associates Anti-Virus software. I'm not sure what the developer is but I think it might be McAfee.

The software includes, Virus-Scan Console, Virus-Scan On-Demand Scan, Virsus-Scan On Access Scan. I tried to uninstall it by going to the Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs- and then tried to uninstall it. The installation froze up and I had to press Alt/Ctrl/Delete and close it using the Windows Task Manager. Now it doesn't show up on my list of programs on the Add/Remove list.

How can I uninstall this? Any help would be fantastic, and if this is the wrong area please tell where to put it. Thanks.
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  1. Any help guys?
  2. Try uninstalling it with an excellent and free uninstalling program called Revo Uninstaller. Latest version is 1.60 and you can get it from here:
    Usually, you have to uninstall this complicated program in order.
    Try uninstalling the main program, and if you picked the wrong order, it will let you know what you need to uninstall first.
    Good luck.
  3. I believe McAffee has an uninstaller on their website.
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