Games run choppy?!

ok specs:

EVGA 780i Sli P05
4GB PC1000 RAM G.Skill
Q9450 oc 3.2Ghz
Vista Ultimate x64
Creative X-Fi X-treme Gamer
900 Watt Tagan PSU

ok everything is brand new no problems a coupe weeks ago. Suddenly I'm playing COD4 and soon as i enter a map the game gets CHOPPY!! This makes no sense to me game runs like butter on MAX settings and now suddenly this.

only thing that game a hint that there might be a problem was when I had a sudden static/white noise sound that went away on its own in COD4 also X-fire updated in crashed saying it coudn't find a DLL.

These are the things Ive tried to fix the problem:

Uninstall Xfire
Manual Update Punkbuster
Re-install Nvidia display drivers

no of these helped there is NO way im running out of resources playing this game!

Im going to try uninstallin my x-fi next and run the ame with no sound maybe thats it? corrupt drivers?

Anyone have a clue as to what caused this?
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  1. Well... A game getting choppy upon entering a new area is normally a sign of the system paging to the hard drive. Your computer has to load the new information into memory, at which time you are limited to HDD I/O. This would stop in a few moments when the process is complete.

    With regards to the rest - You said Crossfire a couple times, but your specs show nVidia.... That would be a big problem, as Crossfire is Intel/ATI while SLI is nVidia. So if you have anything xFire installed on your system, get rid of it ASAP.

    Also - Do you have two 8800GTX's?? If you have "only" the one, you need neither of these.
  2. xFire is a voice chat program similar to Vent... Lucasarts usually includes it with their games... I'm pretty sure that's what he's referring to.
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