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hello, think I have malware on my pc that keeps redirecting my internet browser to dodgy websites following a routine search for anything on google. I believe the virus is called 'go google.com' or something. Has anyone else had this? Its so nasty it even prevents me from downloading anything that can get rid of it. Been doing a bit of research on it, will put it into effect in next day or 2 (need to keep computer on without rebooting over the weekend as I have a game running on it, medieval2: total war gold, and don't know if I can get the game to restart again following reboot).
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  1. Its a malware and It just works on result of Google Yahooo msn or any other

    This should work.
    - Download MalwareBytes AntiMalware(Free)
    Link: http://www.download.com/Malwarebytes-Ant...

    Or try multiple Spyware

    1 RogueRemover FREE
    2 SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition

    It shows many Malware and thier Registry Entries So you have to remove them Judicialy.
    This software can see other antivirus as Malware .So be sure you remove what is needed and it leaves you option whether you want to remove that or you want to put it in Ignore List.

    Let me know if this helps.
  2. Thanks for your reply, when I posted this message I got a message saying 'thread not found' or something, so I assumed the post had not posted. I am also not able to edit my posts anymore on here, could be the virus. I now know that the virus is 'W32.SillyFDC', norton anti virus confirmed this with a scan. The virus hijacks my web browser and also prevents me from running any other software that can get rid of it, that includes MalwareBytes. I am able to install Malwarebytes, but it doesn't run (no error message or anything). The virus is also preventing me from downloading monthly security updates from microsoft (I get redirected to a fake webpage).

    I am going to try to post message on CNET forums, if the virus lets me. the virus is giving me problems on this site so I may not be able to post on here for much longer.
  3. correction to above: am able to install malwarebytes, just not able to run it.
  4. may also try spybot search and destroy.
  5. I sorry david_uk109 forgot about I responded to this topic

    I dont think spybot will even work, seems this malware is a new player stopping removal tools working, this may need a combi fix which can be a nightmare to do when your not sure what your doing. will try and get back to you on this if I can find a more simple solution.

    Also may I suggest that when this is fixed that you never use Norton Anti virus again, its a load of rubbish and just invites things like this into your PC, same goes for Mcafee & Kaspersky.
  6. ok think I got the problem fixed now, courtesy of some assistance from good people at CNET. had nearly 80 virus's, malware and other nasty stuff on pc. After I cleaned all that out the hacker on the other end who was pulling the strings must have realised what was going on and activated a really evil rootkit virus that must have been lurking on my system for weeks. I totally lost control of the pc in normal mode and couldn't run any programs. Had to boot up in safe mode with network and try to find some software that got rid of rootkit virus's. Not much fun surfing the net in 640 x 480 screen res with onboard graphics but luckily came across some anti-rootkit software which I was able to download and install. That got rid of the rootkit virus anyway.

    Stayed up til 4am saturday morning fixing it and must have had to reboot computer about 30 times. Anyway, computer feels like brand new now and pc security is now much higher on my list of priorties lol
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