I cant figure out whats going on!

Ok, my rig consists of the following: E8400 Wolfdale(standard clock) , ASUS MAXIMUS Formula II board, 4 Gigabytes of Crucial Ballistix Tracer 800mhz ddr2 ( standard timings/voltage), BFG 650 watt SLI certified PSU, 8800GTS 320mb, and the a crappy 150 gigabyte WD Caviar(need to replace that)

Now, today i log on WoW just like any other day, and im alt-tabbed looking at wowhead for a quest and quicker than you can say "F****" i get a blue screen of death and then my computer just cuts out and restarts.
Not a good sign as you can tell....
So i assumed faulty ram just like everybody else and tried to work my ram to see if i could crash my system, i got up to like 30 firefox windows, 3 WoW's, and Photoshop with a picture 8000x5000 and i dragged the smudge tool everywhere and rendered a couple of effects, I was at about 3gigabytes of memory usage and it ran stable...... for about an hour, then i close everything and started 1 wow program up and nothing else and i get random blue screen of death.

Then wow stops working all together and i run the repair file and it says "so much has been damaged that you need to reinstall the game" which for those of you who dont know thats 8 disks and 20 patches later and then when i stick in the disk it gives me yet another error saying it cant unpack a certain file.

Finally i get it to start installing the game and all of a sudden it crashes........

The blue screen of death is there for too short a time for me to get the code and ive gone into the bios and checked all the voltages and they are all good, if its faulty RAM, these are some weird symptoms. Ive been running this rig for about half a year now and the only part above a year old is the Hard drive i re-used from a while back.

before the computer crashes usually it gets REALLY REALLY choppy when nothing is running.

So as far as i see it, either A: My hard drive is too old and i need a new one B: I have a faulty Stick of Ram C: Vista is Gay about having 4 slots filled on a 32 bit system or D: SOME HOW SOME WAY its wows fault xD

Please gimme thoughts, opinions, and suggestions cuz this is bugging the hell out of me.
and i typed this from the problem computer and its been up for a while now, if its vista should i go back to XP, and if its my hard drive whats a good cheap and spacious hard drive out there.

ty for takin the time to read all that and especially if you help me out :)
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  1. well it got so bad i couldnt even reboot my computer, and i finally read the error code, its 0x24 whcih is ntfs.sys error anybody familiar with it?
  2. Firstly - What are your temperatures?? It's getting warm now, and you may be running into issues with this where before it was runnign cool 'enough'. check and eliminate that as a variable.

    Now: An 'NTFS' issue indicates a hard drive or possibly a memory problem causing some corruption. Run a checkdisc ASAP.

    How to run checkdisc in Vista at Startup:

    and check system files:

    I didn't see a support topic on an 0x24 stop for Vista specifically. But here's a list of things that did come up:

    Some more:




    If needed:

    How to perform a system repair:
  3. well i took out 2 sticks of my ram and i stopped getting 0x24, now i get randomly 0x19, and i cant find anything about Vista and 0x19 so im lost again, i also defragged my hard drive, it really needed it >.<.

    As far as temps go my ambient temp is 35c in my case

    Proc ~45-48

    GFX card ~ 44-48

    and hard drive is almost cool to the touch. not after a defrag though >.<

    so i m pretty sure temp isnt a problem
  4. ooook, so i just weant through and updated all my drivers including my ethernet port, which is the ONLY 1 of all my drivers that was out of date, which actually makes sense because most of the time the crash would happen when i was using the internet, and i think it was just bad seating of the 2 sticks, because i put them in another comp that runs xp and they run just fine. and my other problem was being cause by an out of date ethernet port driver.....sigh i hate vista a lot sometimes.
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