Two wireless routers, but need to keep seperate

Two laptops, both with WIFI. Both laptops need to be connected by wi-fi.
1 x Netgear DG834G Wireless router/modem
1 x Ricoh IS200e Scanner

Exact model of the wireless router, i believe it is a DLink but do not know which one. It hosts the internet connection for the building.

Subnet on the Netgear DG834G to support wireless scanning from the Ricoh IS200e to each of the laptops.
Subnet on the DLink Wireless router, which i have no access to or knowledge of whatsoever.

Current state of play:
Ricoh IS200e scanner, connected by cat5 to the Netgear DG834G Router. Both laptops connect to the DG834G wirelessly, allowing the Ricoh IS200e scanner to effectively send scans wirelessly. Furthermore the scanner and the two laptops all have fixed IP addresses (configured on the DG834G) to allow for easy data transfer.

What i would like to do:
1. Keep the scanner and laptops connected to DG834G.
2. Connect the DG834G and the DLink routers to allow internet access to the laptops. Wirelessly would be preferred but it is possible to have a wired link between both routers

Is it possible for the netgear DG834G to connect to the DLink and effectively tunnel the internet through that way to the laptops, without altering IP addresses?

The biggest problem is i have no access to the DLink, it is in Meribel, France and i am in the UK! If required i will be heading out to France to help this customer of mine.

I hope i have been clear with what i am looking to do; any suggestions and recommendations would be very welcome!

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  1. Yeah the easy way is to just connect the dlink to the wan port by wire. If they were on the same network I would say wds but since they're different brands that prolly wont work either. You could buy an access point that connects the wireless to ethernet and then run the ethernet through the wan on the netgear to transmit it's own network. You can also set up a bridge with an old computer then run that into the wan. I have yet to see a solution that can recieve and transmit wireless while keeping the networks separate. If I'm wrong on this someone please call me on it.
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