How do i upgrade from ubuntu 8 4 to ubuntu 10 10 from my desktop

i have the VERY old version of ubuntu 8.4 & i'm wanting to upgrade to the latest version 10.10!!
how do i do that without formatting my HDD & starting from fresh?
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    Basically ubuntu recommends that you do the basic upgrade like this:

    Honestly it will be easier, and less likely to encounter errors if you just do a fresh install. But if you must keep your install... instructions are above.
  2. Even though it may be possible to follow the upgrade route . it is very likely to be unsuccessful as well as a frustrating experience.

    The difference is just too great between 8.04 and 10.10

    So a fresh install is the best route to go. Back your data 1st!

    Besides you would probably want to reformat your file system for ext4 in 10.10 to appreciate some of the noticeable differences.
  3. Upgrades sometimes work and sometimes don't. The chances that you'll get through 5 consecutive upgrades completely unscathed is pretty low I think. What will go wrong? Who knows? It might be minor (you may just need to delete ~/.gconf to reset GNOME settings to defaults), or it might be major (incompatible kernel; keep your current one until you're absolutely sure the newer one works ok).
  4. Even those that upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 had problems .
    The differences are huge between 9.04 and 9.10

    So n the amount of time it would take you to upgrade successfully .

    Make a list of the packages you want installed along with backing up bookmarks how-toos etc as well as your data pics,doc,vids, music etc. Check out the Live CD and install 10.10.

    The new version[10.10] will install a whole new working ~/.<filename> in your new /home/username dir

    This is going to be successful for you.
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