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Ok now i have a huge issue. My computer powers on to nothing almost all of the time. I will turn on the computer and my monitor will show nothing but black screen. No bios or anything. now sometimes it will start and get to bios, windows, etc but it will freeze shortly afterwards. originally i thought it was a Hard drive issue, because it would freeze on windows or not boot fully and when i got it into safe mode once a virus scan said a hard drive issue. however, now i realize this isn't the case. System specs:

Asus P5ND2-SLI motherboard
P4 3.0ghz
MSI x1900xt 512mb
1gb ram
Soundblaster audigy 2zs
160gb hdd NOW i have a 250gb Western Digital
Dell 17" monitor

the monitor has a light on the front. orange is standby, green is working. it stays on orange the entire time it doesn't even go green.

Anyone who can help please do so.
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  1. Is this a new issue, it worked for some time in the past?
    Can you swap parts with another PC?
    List your power supply.
    Any other changes before it went south?
  2. Did you just update bios?

    Clear the cmos as per manual.

    Sometimes the mobo needs to be disconnected from a disconnected psu for a long while to completely reset. I had an asus p4 mobo that did just that. After a night off, it came back on the next day.
  3. Quote:
    Is this a new issue, it worked for some time in the past?
    Can you swap parts with another PC?
    List your power supply.
    Any other changes before it went south?

    lol, great sig and bang on
  4. Thermaltake 430w. its doesn't have too many amps but its worked up until now with no issues unless its destroyed. and i know i didn't overload it because as i said i didn't change the hdd until AFTER the issues started. no other changes that i know of unless i got hit with a virus or w/e but that wouldn't explain the hardware issues.
    i already reset cmos. should i leave it in the reset mode unplugged all night?
  5. Would not hurt to try it overnight. And run 2-3 spyware programs, you are right, I doubt it also.
    Next thing to try is swap parts, try a PSU even a weak one without the graphics card plugged in, so if it boots...pretty much found the problem. And try your parts in a different machine also.
  6. if you try a weaker power supply with no graphics card, how do you know if its booting? no video on the montior ryte?
  7. right to a point, it will still boot, and show something wrong with PSU.
  8. It may be your PSU it may be not.
    First try to boot with the bare minimum, video card, ram and hd. Unplug anything unnecessary like front usb, front firewire, sound stuff. This is to check if some piece of hardware is causing a short. I recommend if yor mobo has video, try to boot without the video card. If you succesfully boot add a piece of hardware at a time, to locate they guilty part.
    Also you must check your RAM with memetest or something like it. Try to boot with 1dimm, and then the other.
    If nothing works it may be the BIOS. For this I recommend to check fore some advise in upgrading the bios. DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR BIOS FROM WINXP EVEN IN SAFEMODE. Do it with a system floppy with the falshutility and the bios file on it. Also at you can get a bios replacement chip for $25 plus shipping and handling. Flashing the bios is a delicate process, do it really carefully.
    Also check if your heat sink is properly atached. Sometimes a too hot cpu simply turns off the pc.
    Do you OC? If so try to set the bios not to OC mode

    Hope it helps


    Hasta la vista baby
  9. No has mentionned the fan. If the fan has come partly adrift you could very well get these symptoms. When cold it would boot but would rapidly shut down as the CPU got hot. Check that the CPU is bedded in properly and the fan properly attached.
  10. buy an apple they just work
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  12. ok its possibly the heatsink i will check it later. also idk if its cause my mobo has no speaker or what but i' can boot with nothing and get no beeps. maybe dead mobo? and i don't just have psus to swap in and out of my system so i'm gonna need to find a way around this.

    any other suggestions?

    try other PSU?
    usb devices plug in?
    video card drivers?

    chowner- "BUY an apple".... HHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHHA. {see link below}

    My bracket on my heat sink broke, look fine first time I opened, every time I would play a game, or load the CPU, 5 min later would freeze.
    Replaced bracket, cleaned heat sink, apply a dab of thermal paste.

    fan might be a problem, but if heat sink isn't rested properly the system won't stay on very long.

    also video card may not be resting properly, remove, place back in.

    make sure nothing is grounding the MB?

    Get a PC speaker

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