Guide to increse battery life on Ubuntu?

I cant figure this out on how to increase battery life on ubuntu?

just installed it specs on laptop are
9600m GT
4gb of ram
250gb 7200rpm

i get on windows 7 2hr30min surfing web on dim the lowest
and ubuntu i get 2hr 20min.

ubuntu would be a benefit for me to have because i wont be tempted to play games in class. and seeing if i can get more battery life would be even better. if i get 3hr 30min surfing web/note taking on ubuntu get a nine cell id pretty much be set when im in school for 2hour in a class then another 2hours for another while surfing the web in the library for about an hour! any guide or help would be awesome.
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    I can tell you that HUGE power savings will happen if you turn down the screen brightness ;)
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