Clean install 64 bit Business Failing - HELP !

Just shoot me. Have been trying for three days to clean install 64 bit Business SP1 as my 5th build. Config is:

Gigabyte x48 DS4 LGA 775
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale
4 G OCZ Reaper DDR2 1066 settings 5,5,5 15
Seagate 35
WD 160
Raid 0

Now it won't get past "Expanding files". Stop error 34 (CACHE_MANAGER) then a 24 - NTSF.sys corruption.

Any ideas ? Memory settings ?

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  1. try only installing with 2gb of ram installed. under some hardware circumstances, vista has problems installing with more than 2gb of ram. add the other 2gb when you have finished installed AND updated the OS.
  2. Thanks. Heard that from another board and have gone through the last couple of iterations with only 2g. Starting to think that the memory settings aren't right if the cache_manager isn't keeping up with the SATA speed ?
  3. set the memory to DDR2-800 and install it that way. DDR2-1066 has as some problems with stability, i think it's worth a try
  4. Even if you just use 2 sticks of ram instead of 4, if the voltage settings are incorrect you would still get issues.
    Check your manufacturer's web site for your ram's voltage requirements, your mobo dishes out 1.8 i think, i have a ds3 am2+ board same brand and same brand ram.
    Changing your last setting to 18 might help to. If not, il vote the issue isnt the ram at all
  5. That board is the only thing I share with your build, and that board has been causing my 64 bit install all sorts of grief. The vista disc itself is highly suspect. Try playing with bios settings and a flash if the mem does not help out.
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