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I bought Vista Home Premium OEM for my new build. After installing it, I ended up uninstalling to put in XP OEM. My question is if I build another computer, could I use my copy of Vista OEM on the new build, or is it forever tied to my other computer since it was installed on it once? Thank you!
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  1. You should be fine.
  2. If its anything like XP, after so many installs you'll have to call up M$ and activate it by phone, but this has always been a fairly quick and painless process in my experience. I've used the same XP disk on 3 or 4 machines. Each time I'd tell them I got a virus and had to wipe my harddrive. Nary a hiccup after that.
  3. Thank you so much! I didn't want to have to purchase the same OS again. I know I can do a dual-boot, but I might be able to piece together a second machine. Thanks again!
  4. I had put vista oem on another machine and killed it by upgrading the bios .I built another machine and put the vista on it. and when it went to activate vista it wouldnt let me but gave me a number to call. I told the man I had bought the copy for a custom build but it was no longer here .and the new machine was the only one with this copy installed and they activated it with little hassle
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