Warning: Sandy Bridge and Linux

Before you go buy a Sandy Bridge CPU for Linux use, please read this first.


Regardless, the Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs are very fast, but even if you jump through the steps to get the graphics drivers working under Linux, at the moment they are not exactly working well in all cases. The investigation is continuing so you can expect more on the matter in the coming days and weeks...


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  1. Hopefully they get the driver issues worked out sooner than later. Wasn't planning on upgrading anytime soon, but I can foresee dozens of threads being created :D
  2. Thanks for the "heads up," amdfangirl!
    Looks like I'll stick with something like AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition Callisto 3.2GHz !
  3. :)

    Just didn't want to see disappointed people :)
  4. Having a read of the article comments suggests that the (or at least a) problem may be the system that was used.
  5. Please note, It is only the graphics, not the CPU itself.
  6. PreferLinux said:
    Please note, It is only the graphics, not the CPU itself.

    Cool, so anyone with a dedicated graphics card is good to go then? Even still, will be nice to see the drivers fixed.
  7. Yes. See their more recent article for a review on a P67 board.
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