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my computer wasnt working at all when i tried to take wins 7 off and put xp back on, but my brother fixed it by putting linux on here, only problem is world of warcraft doesnt support linux. my brother already has wine on here for me, and i had the 5 original discs and tried to install them, but now it says critical error every time i try to click on play wow. do i need to reinstall the discs or am i doing something else wrong?
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  1. if someone can help me on this please let me know, i really want to get back to playing world of warcraft, havent really been able to play for about a year since i have a young daughter
  2. You should also look at and the appDB as they call it. It lists all of the different programs that people have reported as working (or not) when used with Wine. They also list what distribution version, and which version of wine they used, and what level of compatibility they found. If there are special steps you need to take they will be listed there as well.

    Do some research there, good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  3. Wine supports World of Warcraft quite well. It's either a Gold or a Platiunum rating, I can't remember.

    sudo apt-get install wine

    That will install wine for you. From there you'll be able to run the installer how you normally would on a Windows machine, and it should install for you. If you do run into issues, Google should have most of or all your answers.

    Good luck.
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