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ok i have sbc yahoo dsl with a speedstream 5100 modem. i currently download at about 40kbps. i ran two speed test, one at dsl reports which showed download at 133kbs and upload at 101kbs. the other test i did was at the sbc yahoo website, and the results were download 135kbs and upload at 105kbs. i do use bittorrent using utorrent and the download rates never go above 25-30 kbs on a super seeded file, and ipload is always like 5-10kbs. but average download using utorrent is usually about 8-15kbs. i kno theres something wrong because my cousin with the same setup less than a half a mile form me is downloading all that at about 5 times what i do. ive changed all wires. ive called sbc and thet give me garbage and they idiots pretty much. only thing i can think of is that the modem might just be getting old, its about 4-5 years old. anyone got and ides? would greatly be appriciated.
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  1. Are his download speeds close to the same as yours? It could be the modem but it could be he's closer to the transfer box and distance affects DSL speed, could also be your computer. I'd start with replacing modem
  2. no his speeds are about 5 times faster in everything torrents, firefox downloads, e.t.c. and he only lives about half a mile with the same exact service. thats why i think its the modem.
  3. update, i took my modem to my cousins house, which is about 2 blocks away and the speed were very fast. so i kno so far its not the modem. so it has to be something on on sbc's end. i changed cables and everything, so i have no clue what else it could be. any1 else might have something would be greatly appriciated.
  4. try replacing the phone line that the modem is plugged into. Old wiring can cause slow speeds. Run a temporary line from your junction box on the outside of the house to the modem and see how the speeds are.
  5. i tried today and noticed the outside line going inside is cat 2 cable, which looked thicker than ordinary phone cable, which is all i had was the phone cable. i also did notice that there was 4 screw ties in the box but only two of the wires that were coming from the cat2 cable were connected. which were blue wire and a white wire. so imma go and find some cat 2 cable this weekend and see what happens.
  6. ok i cant find any cat2 cable for the life of me. i did find sum monster rj11 cable that is suppose to be fast. help mea please
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