pc spec.

basically i want to build a computer myself. i know how to use a computer. but i want to expand my really low knowlodge of building computers.

i have never ever built a computer. and now that i have finished college, i want to build one right now for educational use, like word typing, creating web pages, storing wedding pictures (really loads of them), want to store them on dvd, i lalso use programming languages like, visual basic, python etc to make programmes.

so i would like your view on the following listed below:

Intel 3.2 Pentium 4 Socket 775 processor 541
Foxconn 865G7MF-SH motherboard

is the above processor and motherboard any good?
is the processor compatible with the motherboard?

i look foward to your reply.

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  1. Welcome to the Forums. That is why we are all here to help other build systems.
    The parts you listed are very old, is it some you have or is this a new purchase.
    I would start with a newer combo.
  2. Both are pretty bad. The P4s are all but dead, they run slow, suck up tons of power, and run hot. The mobo is based on an old chipset, so you have virtually no upgrade path.

    What's your budget for this PC? Are you going to be reusing any parts, HDD, optical drives, ect. Any gaming?
  3. Which thread are you going to follow?
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