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Does anybody have any information that compares how the Intel Core 2 Duo T5300, T5600, & T7200 perform? I'm going to buy a laptop soon, these are the 3 Core 2 CPUs offered, and I want to know if the 75 dollar upgrade from T5300->T5600, or the 150 dollar upgrade from T5300->T7200 is worth it? I will be using the laptop for the next 4 years, if that will help.
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  1. Ive done a bit of research because I was going to buy a laptop but because of better judgement, I decided agaisnt it.

    To be honest, it all depends on what you plan on doing. What usage do you think you will be doing most of and where is performance most important to you?

    To be honest, I seriously doubt you will notice any difference from one processor speed to the other.

    You can see some benchmarks for Merom C2Ds.

    I did alot of research dude so let me know what youre planning on buying so I can help you out. Meaning from which company and full specs. Take care.
  2. Your happiness w/the laptop will depend a lot on things such as the screen, keyboard, graphics performance, ports, manufacturer build quality and support, etc.
    I would *strongly* recommend against any laptop that uses integrated graphics. Besides much lower graphics performance, this uses up a big chunk of your (limited) main memory.
    Here's what I ended up getting:
    Love it!
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