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Quick question. I'm waiting for my parts. I want to get bios and other updates on a cd or flash usb before they come. Do I just need the newest version of the bios (or other updates) or do I need all of the versions (do I need to update to each version sequentially)? thanks for helping a stupid noob.
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  1. If you need a BIOS upgrade, you only need the latest one. I would not worry about it on a stable board that has been out, the brand new ones have teething problems. REad the MB manual on how there upgrade work, some do not use the old boot from floppy method.
  2. Typically, you get the latest one & flash it if the one onboard is older.

    Overclockers would look around before jumping the gun. See, new bios doesn't mean good. My p5n-e sli has 2 new bioses which suck at overclocking: multiplier-locked my e4300.
  3. Thanks. I got the asus commando, I know it's been out a while.
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