Ubuntu broblems with ATI-card

I installed Ubuntu 10.10 (Was Kubuntu, but I installed Ubuntu desktop :D) and it worked fine. Compiz was really smooth and Boot-screen was nice. Everything else worked nicely but 3D-games didn't work because I didn't install the ATI drivers. Now I installed the drivers and the bootscreen went lowres and it was text-only. Then I logged in and noticed the compiz was bit laggy. I tried Duke Nukem 3D HRP and it worked now, but it was too laggy to play. Is there any way to get the drivers work correctly? I have ATI Radeon HD4650 and in Windows 7, Duke Nukem 3D HRP worked very smoothly.
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  1. ATI drivers can be a bit iffy in Linux sometimes. Did you use the proprietary or open-source drivers?
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