we want to view linux files in windows so we want code for that
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  1. you will have to install a program like Samba on you linux server.
  2. Is the linux filesystem on the same machine? If so, it depends on what filesystem type you are using for linux. There are several implementations of EXT2/3 drivers for Windows, but they aren't perfect 100% of the time for production use.

    IF you are trying to access a linux machine over a network by using winows, then installing samba will make the linux machine visible and useable by windows machines on the same network, but if your dual booting linux and windows on the same computer, then installing samba on linux won't do anything at all.
  3. As mentioned, if you want network access, Samba is the way to go. Note that you may not always get ideal performance, but it isn't awful by any means.

    If you're dual-booting, there are drivers available for Windows that will allow you to view the EXT file system. A google search will yield numerous results.
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