Lost XP Login after creating new accounts! Please Help

Hi all, thanks in advance for any help or replies.

Anyway, basically, I have been using my main account called Administrator for ages which didn't require me to login or anything when I booted into XP. But yesterday, I decided to create 1 admin account (named Admin) and 1 account with a limited access for the internet. Now, when I boot into XP, it seems to only allow me to login either as Admin or Internet with not Administrator option. I have privatize all the folders in my administrator folder and therefore have 'lost' quite a few songs and pictures and saved games etc. as I cannot access it through my other accounts. Any ideas if I can revive my Administrator account as it will be fustrating to rip and put a few gigs of music back on as that will take too long :( Help appreciated! :cry: :cry: :cry: :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. try booting into safe mode by pressing f8 after the post screen when you first start pc. select safe mode and see if your account shows up there.you could use system restore to go back before you made new accounts.
  2. You do not name the account as Admin. If you can ,log on, click Start,Control Panel,User Accounts. Pick Change Account type of one you log in on to Administrator. Then you can Delete any other accounts you don't want. You will be asked if you want to delete the accounts files.Say no.Do until satisfied with setup. You can always start a new guest account with limited priviledges.
  3. follow these instructions to use traditional login method, http://8help.osu.edu/772.html

    then when you log in just type administrator and leave the password blank(if you didnt have one set) this will let you use your old account.
  4. I couldn't login to my XP Laptop and bought this program called Windows Geeks from http://windowspasswordforgot.com

    I was surprised but it did like it said and removed all passwords.
  5. xpguy there are free programs that will reset the administrator password, no need to buy them.
  6. If you get the login screen that lists the users, press CTRL-ALT-DEL once or twice to bring up the login box. From here you can type in administrator and login to that account.
  7. Hi AceCobra I was one of the victims from such problem and the only way I could log in as an Administrator was to boot my XP machine and when reached the log in screen I`ve pressed Ctrl + Alt keys and press Del key twice. It poped up a dialog box with a Username and Password address boxes which allowed me to type my username as Administrator and my password as Mypassword. But since you mentioned that you never had any password to log in you`ll leave the Password`s address box blank and press Enter or OK it should log you in.
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