Need help ECS K7S5A!

Ok, here is a deal. A freind of mine asked me to help him with his old desktop that he wants to give his wife's school (they are working on 486s, so this one is a pretty big step forward).

Still it is about 7 years old. First i replaced CPU fan/heatsink to cooler and calmer one. When was replacing it, didn't shut computer down so the system powered down itself after about 5 sec. Finished installing new fan/heatsink -> turned it on -> nothing, only CDrom and HD lights are on, fan spinning nothing else happening. So i figured ok, fried the CPU. Ordered a new one XP 2200, got it today, replaced old CPU (Athlon 1000) and still all the same. Trying clearing CMOS, changing battery, using jumper to clear postion - nothing helps. System just wont boot, nothing on display.

Mobo - ECS K7S5A rev.5.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If I remember correctly, the K7S5As are very particular about their PSUs. I do remember that they worked well if you got a good one, otherwise it was DOA. I put together a lot of these in the past and the RMA rate was about 50%.
  2. Let me get this straight. You left the computer running and tried to change the components. Namely the CPU.
  3. Sounds like you have just found the quickest way to kill the mobo (CPU socket WILL be fried!!) :roll:
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