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I am having a problem booting up in XP. I was trying to add my laptop to my home network, and as soon as I got a connection, it restarted. Now, everytime it boots up, as soon as I get to the point where it would normally be looking for a wireless connection, a blue screen flashes quickly and my system gets stuck in a restart loop. I uninstalled my network driver in safe mode which allows me to boot up in "safe mode with network" but everything else I've done won't work when trying a regular boot up. Does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Make sure you uninstall any wireless network managers that may have also installed. Sounds like a driver issue. Boot into Safe Mode only. No need for the networking until you get the problem solved.
  2. Actually, for some reason I can't boot into safe mode without networking. It just hangs at the selection screen if I try to do that. I'll try uninstalling all of my wireless network managers and see if that works. Thanks.
  3. I just tried uninstalling all of my network managers, and I uninstalled/disabled all of my network drivers. As soon as I started up I got a "found new hardware" message, and then after a little while I got the quick blue screen and restart again. I even tried starting it up with my ethernet cable connected, and the same thing happened. I have no idea what else to try.
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